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Reformation Two


A Movement to Biblical Simplicity, Purity, and Priority

Loving the Lord Jesus and each other take top priority: Hospitality, Authentic Living and Fellowship, Prayer, Expository Preaching and Teaching of the whole of Scripture, exercising our Spiritual Gifts, Family Participatory Worship, and being generous form the basis of Reformation Two.

We have a distinctive emphasis of maintaining a balance of preaching, prayer, sacraments, and love of the brethren including generosity and hospitality. The Biblical centrality of fervent and sacrificial love of the brethren, living a grace-enabled and Kingdom-ordered life, intentional God-ordained good works, developing and exercising spiritual gifts, and authentic, committed, Covenant life are fundamental, foundational and essential to accomplishing the Great Commission given to us by The Lord Jesus.

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The Lord's Table is central to worship as the Lord Jesus showed us and provides communion one with each other in Christ and is a means of grace which blesses the Saints.

Expository Preaching and teaching of the whole Council of God's Word.



Reformation Two is a movement back to Biblical priorities and simplicity of being the Church in a world hostile to our Lord and His Word. Times are changing but are in God's sovereign hands.

This Reformation is a realignment to the Scriptural priorities of love of the brethren over real estate and buildings, authentic Covenant Community over drawing crowds and numbers, Holy Spirit illumination and empowerment over vain philosophies of men and reason, sacrifice and commitment over felt needs and consumerism, experiencing the Risen Christ and the supernatural Christian life over entertainment and polish. A renewed focus on Godly men called to lead the church, often bi-vocationally, over professionalization, a focus of resources on giving to meet the needs of each other as Christians, and alms giving to those outside. 

We believe in participatory family worship with a balance of expository, Christ-centered preaching of the whole council of God, prayer, the Lord’s Table, and lyrically-rich worship and Creeds over entertainment and special music. We place an emphasis and empowering Christians to exercise their spiritual gifts regularly.

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"Behold, how they love one another"

Aristides the Athenian


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